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Juliana Sarmento | Blog

Friday, March 9, 2018   /   by Juliana Sarmento

Quarterly Newsletter March 2018

Thou Shall Prosper

Like most I did not grow up a rich kid. I recall when I was young getting an allowance but only if I performed specific chores around the house. I also remember being given incentives by my parents for making better than good grades and having to work for things I wanted.

I grew up near a lake that was slam full of bass and at an early age fell in love with fishing. I watched the fishing shows, read the fishing magazines, was a member of BASS at the age of 10 I think. One of my greatest memories was asking my Mom and Dad for a specific fishing rod that was the latest and greatest state of the art fishing rod. My parents came back to me and told me that I could absolutely have it… but it had to be earned. They laid out for me specifically what I needed to do, and that included making all A’s for the entire school year. Needless to say, I earned the fishing rod.

I’m hopeful that you have lots of st ...

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